Traveling dog

We have returned from our first road trip with King Lukas and I am happy to report he did great! In fact, since we’ve been home, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him humming this Johnny Cash tune.

Perhaps he hasn’t been everywhere, but the first trip out was such a success that we see no reason why he can’t join us on other adventures.

The drive from Phoenix to San Diego was six hours. Lukas slept about five of those, if not more. I was thankful we thought to put his doggie bed in the car with us before latching him into the seat with his seatbelt extender. He stayed there for most of the ride.

Mr. Lukas slept a good part of the way to San Diego.

Minutes after we got to our vacation rental, Lukas felt right at home. He was a little uncertain at first–very excited to race down the street to take care of business and to walk out some of the kinks in his elbows and knees from sitting for so long–but soon we were inside, relaxing together on the couch.

We made it!

Once we got settled in, we started a tradition that would carry us through the rest of the week–a walk down to the park that sits along the shore. We did this first thing in the morning and right after dinner every night. Not a bad way to start and end each day! Lukas, of course, loved it!

A walk by the beach at sunset after dinner.
A gorgeous sunset in La Jolla.
Lukas could care less about the sunset. He was excited by all the new smells!
I, on the other hand, kept falling behind in our walk because I kept taking pictures.
We did the same route in the mornings. And, yes, I got behind then too. It’s just too beautiful not to stop and enjoy!
One more for the road.

Although Lukas enjoyed our road trip together, he does seem a little more content to be at home. We’d like to think, though, that he enjoys being wherever we are. It’s sure hard to see that face and think otherwise.

Love bug.

8 thoughts on “Traveling dog

    1. SR Dryja says:

      Awww…That would be stressful for both of you! It sounds like your kitty is someone that brings joy to your heart, though, such that when you return, it is a happy reunion for you both.

  1. kristasta says:

    Such a sweet face… he seems untouched by his neglected past. What a beautiful trip you had with your new little traveler! Isn’t it cute how they adapt to life on the road? Now I have to know, where did you get his doggie bed? That is exactly what I’ve been looking for Sawyer, but haven’t found one?!

  2. Mari Brown says:

    Great story, Sherry. Our son and his family live in La Jolla so we know the road from here to there very well. Our two, four-legged boys have made the trip many times. We often stay at a small hotel that is adjacent to the dog beach and they get so excited when they see the water. Lukas sounds like he has taken the house over. I think the name “King” is very fitting.

    1. Thank you, Mari! I can just imagine your two romping and playing in La Jolla. It’s neat that you have a reason to go often. Please share any tips you may have for traveling with your pooches and for La Jolla in general!

      I seem to recall you have a specially built base of some sort that fits behind the front seats of your car so the pups can have the backseat without fear of dropping into the floorboards. I’d love to hear more about that. Lukas seemed to enjoy the sea air very much and all the wonderful sniffing opportunities that came with it.

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