Lake Havasu City vacation rental

Lake Havasu City, Arizona is a town built on tourism. As such, it has its share of the basic hotel chains, along with a handful of resorts and boutique hotels. When I visited, we stayed at a vacation rental we found through The price was right, the high speed internet was fast and reliable, and pets were allowed. Plus, the owner of the home was easy to work with and on top of every detail. For example, while we were there, the air conditioner failed and she had a workman out to the house as soon as we let her know about it. It was fixed before we got back from our morning walk.

The place itself was clean and perfectly acceptable for our needs. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We had five adults staying there, so there was plenty of room for everyone to stretch out. We all fit well around the dining table and in the sitting areas, and there were plenty of little nooks to go hide out in if somebody needed the space.

Working on vacation
Hubby was able to set up shop in the front room and work while we were there.
Pets allowed at vacation rental in Lake Havasu City
Pets are allowed! Our guy got comfortable right away in his little bed next to Hubby’s work station.
Vacation rental kitchen in Lake Havasu City
The kitchen needs a good overhaul–the interior of the cabinets is a little scary–but it served our purposes just fine.
Vacation rental pool in Lake Havasu
There is a huge diving pool in the backyard. None of us used it while we were there, but it would be great for families and larger groups.
Vacation rental back patio grill and shade.
The back patio was a favorite spot throughout the day for those who wanted to relax with a book. It also is fully equipped with a massive grill and chiminea.
Vacation rental Lake Havasu City back patio
The back patio was such a hit with us that it deserves two photos.
Lake Havasu City vacation rental perfectly located
Finally, the house is perfectly located–just minutes from the lake and anything you’d want to do in town. If there were more sidewalks around for safe walking, we would be there all the time!

Overall, I give the place three stars out of five. I would give it more, but even though the owner seems to have updated it with new windows and laminated wood flooring in a couple of the bedrooms, it really needs more updating in the kitchen and bathrooms. There was also a musty smell, but it was mostly hidden by the surprisingly loud automatic fragrance sprays. While I’m glad something was there to cover up the mustiness, the sprayers “sneezed” loudly whenever anyone walked in front of them. I never got used to it and jumped nearly every time it sprayed.

If that’s my biggest complaint, then there’s not much to complain about. Cleanliness is number one in my book and this place was clean. I would recommend it to anyone going to Lake Havasu City, especially people with kids who want to use a pool and/or grill out.

Have you visited Lake Havasu City? If so, where did you stay? Post your favorites in the Comments Section below.

2 thoughts on “Lake Havasu City vacation rental

  1. Great job! This trip was great! I was a little surprised that you didn’t mention our 3-hour tour on the boat a little more–but your description of the town and its atmosphere in general was great, and I think that’s what you were aiming for. Thanks for including us in such a wonderful experience!

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