Overprotective Mother Series: At the Beach

By Karen Brode

Ah — Here we are at the beach.

SIT DOWN Brandon!  I don’t care what Jeffrey is doing!  That’s between him and his mother!

Personally, I don’t understand how he has lived this long, but I guess he’s been lucky.

You are my responsibility and you will sit down and be calm while we get you ready to swim.

I know Jeffrey is already in the water!  We are not worried about Jeffrey!

Here’s your life jacket. Put it on and let’s get it tied.

I am hurrying as fast as I can!  I have to tie it in three double knots! Remember, you might get caught in a rip tide!

Now, get your ski belt. That’s good.

Where is that nylon rope that I used to tie your ski belt to your life jacket? Well, you better find it right now if you want to go swimming!


Brandon, calm down! Better safe than sorry!

Wait a minute. I have to blow up your swim ring.

We should have already done this. I don’t know if I can blow up this swim ring. I’m a little out of breath. I feel like I might faint!

Brandon, will you get me a cool drink?  Sit down with me.  If I faint, don’t you dare use that as an excuse to get in the water without me!  Do you understand?

As soon as I get your little inflatable boat blown up, you can get in the water. It won’t take long.

Here, you can start blowing it up. Keep blowing, Brandon!

Okay, I think we’re ready.

Slow down! Make sure all your life preservers are secured properly!

What? Is it time to go already?

Oh well, maybe you can get in the water next time.


Karen Brode grew up in Denison, TX and graduated from Denison High School in 1972.  She took courses at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and worked in a church office for 25 years.  She and her husband, Gary, have been married 39 years and they have one son, Brandon.  Karen’s hobbies are writing, sewing, and gardening.

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