Two murder mystery games to try out at your Halloween party

By Sherry Dryja

With Halloween around the corner, many of you may be looking for an excuse to throw a costume party. Why not add a layer of hilarity by making it a murder mystery party too? For tips on hosting a murder mystery party, check out my article about FreeForm Games.

Murder Mystery party guests dressed as flappers for a FreeForms Game
Murder Mystery parties can bring out the flapper in everyone–even the dog! (Excuse the red-eye!)

If you’re looking for a game more centered around a dinner table, but which gets your guests in costume and character, try Daggerville games. Although I have not tested these games myself, they do look like fun and they appear to be fairly easy to organize.

Also, if you’re a blogger, and you’re interested in doing a review for Daggerville, email Martin at


Sherry Dryja is a life-long seeker and experimenter, a bit of a nomad, and a taster of life. She is the editor and a senior contributor for this blog, Jet Planes and Coffee. She also writes the cooking blog, Kitchen Dilettanteand has contributed articles to the magazine and website of Beer Connoisseur.

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