Jet Planes and Coffee is getting into the event planning business!

We’ve got big plans, ladies and gentlemen, or I should say, we can plan your big events! The editor of JP+C is taking all the resources gathered from traveling North America and expanding into event planning. Action Event Services specializes in experiences that keep energy and conversation flowing with action and activities; things like murder mystery parties, scavenger hunts, progressive dinner parties, and tours. Even our quieter retreat events maintain a certain level of action by providing guests an opportunity to participate in special projects that help others in need. And if you’re a nonprofit, we can help you raise funds or say thank you to your volunteers.

We’ve got offices in Seattle and Phoenix but, if you’re a loyal reader of JP+C, you know we can also help you plan events almost anywhere in North America. We even offer tour itineraries for visitors to many major cities, “toolkits” for entertaining out-of-town guests, and we turn bucket list dreams into realities.

JP+C will continue to bring you fiction from our popular author, Karen Brode. We’ll also post ideas and projects our event planners are working on. Plus, true to our origins, we’ll share any travel info we come across about places, food, and people. Meanwhile, please take a moment to check out the offerings at Action Event Services and like us on Facebook.

Thanks for your support!

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