If you are interested in submitting your work to Jet Planes and Coffee, please take a look around the blog and read several stories to make sure your work lines up with the flavor of JP+C.

Once you have done your research, please submit your idea and a short bio to the editor. If your work is chosen to be published, it will be published on Jet Planes and Coffee. Additionally, a link to your work will be shared on The Writings of SR Dryja and Friends Facebook page, tweeted on @JetPlanesnCoffe, and if you have a blog, a link to your blog will be included in the post on JP+C.

The editor is currently seeking human interest stories and media which highlight the resiliency, creativity, and/or generosity of the human spirit. These submissions can be fiction or non-fiction.

Any work submitted must be created by you and not copied from someone else. Submissions can be written work (fiction or non-fiction), art, photographs, audio, and/or video. All submissions must be clean–no pornography or cruelty in any form will be accepted.

To submit your ideas, use the form below.

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