Messy elves in the kitchen for holiday cooking

Someone’s been baking in my kitchen and they’ve made a Big Mess!

Messy sink
Egads! Who messed up all those dishes?
Messy counter and sink
The sink was so full of dishes that it leaked them all over the counter too!

Whoever it is, they’ve also created some yummy looking things.

Pecan pie
Pecan pie (with chocolate on the bottom)!
Pumpkin pie
Good old-fashioned pumpkin pie.
Homemade bread
Homemade bread!

Who could these messy elves be?


It’s me! The messiest elf of them all!

SRDryja in the kitchen.
SRDryja in the kitchen. Hat and apron were gifts from my sister.

Fortunately, my husband is the cleanliest elf of all. He loaded up the dishwashers and made everything sparkle again.

Clean dishes
Clean dishes!

Merry Christmas, everyone!