Quality and kindness are the secret to success for My Fit Foods

Margo Brown’s review of My Fit Foods makes me want to check it out!

The Great Experimenters

When I walked into My Fit Foods there was a huge row of glass refrigerators that housed stacks of square plastic containers. I thought “Ugh, eating here is going to be like chewing on cardboard.” Quickly, I turned to look at the tables full of patrons and their reactions to the food. As soon as I did there was Bryan with an extended hand “it looks like this is your first time at My Fit Foods” Bryan said. Yes, it was and I had a coupon for a free meal but as they say, there is no such thing as a free meal and my mind began churning over the tasteless options waiting. I mean it all comes packaged up, probably frozen, healthy but tasteless. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Bryan patiently explained that all the meals are fresh, portioned controlled in color coded 3oz, 5 oz, and 8 oz packages that…

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