A reminder of the recent battles for civil rights

I am moved to humble reflection by this image, taken not too long before I was born. On the right side of the photo are the strong men (and women, although I don’t see any here) who stood up for their rights to vote, to be counted as equals. On the left, the representatives of power coming towards the peaceful formation. Lots of movement in this photo–all of it coming from the men with the guns. And yet, the stillness of the men on the right strikes me as visibly stronger.

standing up for civil rights
A photo from the mid-60s of some of the men who had the courage to stand up for civil rights. These men (and women) were faced with violence and, in some cases, death.

There are still equality issues to sort out today, but may we never forget the battles that have already been fought, what they looked like, and how marvelously foolish and weak the side carrying the guns looks today.

Thank you to my dear friend, Sherrain Myles, for sharing this image on Facebook today. Blessings to all as you stand next to your civil brothers and sisters to exercise your rights today.