Overprotective Mother Series: In the Classroom

By Karen Brode

Brandon, your achievement tests are at school today. I’ve been planning to visit in your classroom and this is as good as any day.

I will sit here next to Brandon if it’s okay with you, Mrs. Johnson. I want to be a part of my son’s life. I want him to grow up knowing I care. I hope I won’t be a bother! You just go ahead with whatever you were doing.

Brandon, surely you know the answer to that!  Go back and change that answer right now!

She’s on number 5 now. You’re getting behind!

Mark number 3 for that one and we’ll talk about it later.

Here, just let me have the pencil, I’ll mark the answers for you.

Why, Mrs. Johnson, I wouldn’t think of interfering with this test! I think it speaks sadly of  America when a parent’s concern and involvement is mistaken for interference, don’t you? What happened to the days when parents were encouraged to work side by side with the school for the betterment of the children?  What has happened to America?

Okay. Yes, I understand. I will just sit here and observe. You don’t have to worry about me!

By the way, I think that you are doing an excellent job of giving this test, Mrs. Johnson. I do feel that I should tell you that there were some children over on the other side of the room who were trying to cheat.

Now Brandon, look at me. I’ll whisper the answers. No, I’ll hold up my fingers. All you have to do is count the fingers!  Can you do that? No! Don’t count my thumb!

What is that, Mrs. Johnson? You didn’t have to get the principal. I would have left if you’d asked me to. Would you like me to visit some other time? No?

Well! I guess I know what I’m not wanted!

This is what happens when you try to be a good mother.


Karen Brode grew up in Denison, TX and graduated from Denison High School in 1972.  She took courses at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and worked in a church office for 25 years.  She and her husband, Gary, have been married 39 years and they have one son, Brandon.  Karen’s hobbies are writing, sewing, and gardening.

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